What is Rock N Row

Rock N Row is India’s first Indoor rowing studio equipped with the world’s topmost brand rowing equipment concept 2. Rowing being the most effective and efficient form of training where each stroke utilizes up to 80% of the body the user ends up burning up to 600 or more calories in just 30 mins.

What’s more to it? We combine another form of high-intensity functional training with rowing like Calisthenics, Kickboxing, TRX etc to give the body an extra push towards burning extra calories which results in faster fat, inches loss.

Playing majorly around with the bodyweight exercises keeps the workout always fun-filled and body into continuous progression state, a body doesn’t get used to any particular form of routine or set of movements.

The major factor we consider working upon improving is an Individual’s endurance performance. Why the emphasis on Endurance? Because we believe improve in Endurance performance can make an individual get more out of their workout and lifestyle as you could sustain longer with any activity to do with workout and your lifestyle.